About the Developer

ARCINUE DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (ADC) is a corporation headed by ROBERTO LL. ARCINUE, the sole proprietor of RLL ARCINUE CONSTRUCTION (RLAC). RLAC has been known in the Philippines as a major construction company, having played major roles in the industry since 1974.


(L-R) Ferdie Almiranez of NAPOCOR, Pres. Fidel Ramos and Roberto Arcinue at the Inauguration of the Sual Power Plant, 1995

In the mid-1990s, RLAC played a primary role in the construction of the Sual Power Plant, the largest coal-fired power plant in the Philippines. Working with foreign Construction Managers and Engineering Design Consultants, RLAC learned about international standards from the entire project. In 2002, Roberto Arcinue put up Arcinue Development Corporation (ADC) and ventured into residential land development.



Our Vision

Our vision is to be a reputable real estate developer of prestigious green residential communities in Pangasinan catered to people who highly value privacy, peacefulness, safety & security, sense of community, and aesthetic harmony. We shall be known for our excellence in building green, high quality homes and providing worry-free home ownership solutions.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients quality properties and to deliver pleasurable experiences from the moment they are inquiring to entering their new home to co-building their community. We shall also be a socially responsible entity that values people and the environment.




About Palmas Verdes Community

Beauty, safety, and harmony at Palmas Verdes

  • Palmas Verdes is a subdivision that is not reclaimed from marsh land.
  • It is guaranteed proof against flooding, subsidence, and liquefaction.
  • It is far away from the nuisance of noise, traffic and pollution.

The Science of Strong Sturdy Housing in Palmas Verdes

  • Palmas Verdes homes are built using premium materials and construction technology.
  • Palmas Verdes all homes are constructed to last generations by our in-house construction firm. Thus, only using buhos or concrete that can withstand high level of storm signals, strong earthquakes and is proof against fire.
  • The exclusive construction policy ensures control and compliance to our standards of quality and of the Philippine National Building Code.
  • Walls are built with five inches of pure poured concrete called monolithic construction technology. No hollow blocks and therefore no weak points.
  • The strength of the walls is complemented by thick and fully fastened roof sheets designed to brave rugged weather.

Design Options

Palmas Verdes is an ideal community by design.

  • Modifications to personalize each model house are allowed, every unit retains the vestige of the trademark designs of Palmas Verdes.
  • The use of design templates ensures that each unit becomes instrumental to the neighborhood’s overall ambiance of functionality and elegance reflective of first class American, European, and Asian housing.

Efficiency Housing Technologies

  • Solar Panels may be installed with the discretion by the homeowners.
  • Swing type windows to be installed as these types of windows are still the best in optimizing as much as 95% quality in air ventilation.
  • Rainwater Catchment System may be installed with the discretion of the homeowners. Like modern homes in the US and Europe, rain water can be collected for use in many utilitarian ways. All that is needed is a smart drainage system leading to a cistern where water may be collected and pressurized for later use.


Palmas Verdes is prime real estate

  • It is not flood prone as its grounds are certified to be naturally solid and above sea level, making it an all weather haven.
  • Palmas Verdes is a not built on reclaimed marsh land which over time may become unstable, flood prone, and subsident. The solid foundation of naturally firm ground provides the pivotal factor of a very stable weight bearing foundation for housing.
  • Palmas Verdes has close proximity and easy access to basic and recreational amenities, churches, groceries, hospitals, schools, and valued recreational places.
  • It is located along the main thoroughfare leading to the city proper, road to Baguio City and practically a host of major destination point north of Manila
  • It is future proof against national road expansion projects.

Safety and Amenities

  • The walls of Palmas Verdes are what maintain the safety and exclusivity of the community.
  • Complemented by CCTV technology and 24/7 guards, Palmas Verdes is assuredly one of the most securely controlled housing real estate.
  • It espouses a friendly self-sufficient community environment with its nearby commercial area for basic shopping needs
  • Swimming pools, basketball court, tennis court and children’s playground all these for games and amusement suited for different ages.
  • For family and group gatherings there also are gazebos, barbecue pits, and a clubhouse.