Palmas Verdes Subdivision housing Benefits

Palmas Verdes is an exclusive 3-hectare community with approximately 80 house and lot units.

  • Flood Free and Certified to have a sturdy solid soil foundation
  • Houses are built using a monolithic construction method utilizing steel-reinforced solid concrete or buhos (no hollow blocks)
  • Contemporary design with European, American and Asian flavors
  • 24-hour security and a continuous perimeter wall
  • A clubhouse for social & business events, Basketball/tennis court and Swimming pools
  • Underground storm drainage system and organized garbage collection system

Our Partner in Developing Eco-Friendly Housing

ARCINUE DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (ADC) is a corporation headed by ROBERTO LL. ARCINUE, the sole proprietor of R.LL. ARCINUE CONSTRUCTION (RLAC). RLAC has been known in the philippines as a major construction company, having played major roles in the industry since 1974.

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  • I was attracted with the ambiance, the whole ambiance of the subdivision. The houses are the same, and I have seen one in the U.S. I never thought that there is a subdivision similar to that in the Philippines particularly in Dagupan. Yes, we went to other subdivisions to compare, this Palmas Verdes with the other and we really found this to be the BEST.

    - Mrs. Ching Cayabyab, Homeowner in Palmas Verdes Subdivision, Owner of Ballooney Toons

  • Yes, in other place is not as nice. This one is the best actually. It looks and feel more together and connected, when the houses are similar kind and style versus some neighborhood are just all over the place. Everything... Amenities and security, houses, so this is the BEST FOR EVERYTHING.

    - Sps. Patrick & Marissa Nash, homeowners in Palmas Verdes Subdivision, Lawyer and Teacher based in Canada

  • Yes, tumingin kami sa ibang subdivision, pero ang nagustuhan ng mga anak at ng asawa ko ito, sa Palmas Verdes. Malayo sa ingay, malayo sa poultry, piggery at mababahong lugar. Safe sila at 11 o'clock in the evening mag-walking sila, walang problema. Peace of mind. I like the BUHOS type! Ang BUHOS ay napakatibay. Lifetime! Matibay sa earthquake ang BUHOS.

    - Mr. Enrique Balagtas, homeowner in Palmas Verdes Subdivision and a retired technician in Saudi Arabia

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