Eco Friendly Community and Location


Palmas Verdes Subdivision is the one and only green residential community in Dagupan City, Pangasinan. The community is located in Bonuan Binloc which is about 20-minute ride from the city proper.

Serenity, security and peace of mind, these are one of the main priorities in order to maintain a quality neighborhood away from noise, air and crowd pollution hence, focusing on maintaining peaceful community.

Palmas Verdes advocacy: “going and living green” which was elaborated with the word “compassion”; Compassion for the environment, for others including animals, and compassion for self.

Green living is about making compassionate choices for the planet, for others and for yourself. In Palmas Verdes, the community has become more compassionate by practicing green methods — the houses now have higher ceilings, bigger windows, provisions for rainwater catchment system and solar power.




We embrace compassion for others thus, implementing green practices not only to maintain the environmental contributions, but more importantly, to give back to the people, homeowners and employees of the Arcinue Development Corporation, a wellness program has now on the line up focusing not only on the physical well being but also to personal and spiritual development.



And, green living is about compassion for yourself with which we should practice asking ourselves the same questions every day, are we making the right choices in giving back to our mother nature? Are we making the right choices for the safety of our family and love ones? If you choose to live in a house that needs the air-conditioning running the whole day because you don’t have enough windows then you’re not helping the environment. If you choose to live on reclaimed land, then you’re putting your family at risk. Making choices is easy but have we think of the consequences on all the decisions we are making?

So make healthy and smart choices for yourself, your family and our planet.

Choose green living. Choose Palmas Verdes!