Green Living In Palmas Verdes Subdivision

The Arcinue Development Corporation held its open house event last May 28, 2016; launching and house blessing of its new model house, Carizza a 155 square meter floor area at Palmas Verdes Subdivision with an event theme, “Family Fun and Green Living”.

The company has been an advocate of “green living” who practices green methods not only in the vicinity of the community but most especially to the houses that they are building to address natural issues such as climate change. “Green living is about making compassionate choices for the planet, for others and for yourself. Here in Palmas Verdes [Subdivision], we’ve decided to become more compassionate by practicing green methods”, says Ms. Pie Arcinue, Chief Operations Officer.

The two-storey model house Carizza is a green home wherein above standard measurements was incorporated in order to deal with the three efficiencies, water, air and energy, helping the homeowners to save money from their monthly billings as well as helping the environment in some simple ways. “The houses now have higher ceilings, bigger windows, provisions for rainwater catchment system and solar power,” as explained by Ms Pie Arcinue, COO.

More to that, all the houses in the community were strategically created with high quality materials to ensure the safety of the family. Also, one of the main ingredients in building this quality community is the sturdy soil foundation of the land; the Palmas Verdes Subdivision is not located on a reclaimed area, this alone would ensure the safety of the whole community! “The exclusive residential area also has the basic amenities for the homeowners to enjoy with, Palmas Verdes is different from all the subdivisions because of its wide road; our clubhouse is bigger than the other clubhouses and, we also have swimming pool. The construction is entirely different, using only monolithic construction technology thus, no hollow blocks but pure buhos or concrete is [being] used,” says Hon. Roberto LL. Arcinue, President.

The open house event showcased different activities for the whole family, bike riding, skateboarding, swimming, kite-flying and painting contest. The event was attended by some prominent people from different professions; Ms. Leduina “Wendy” Co, Chair of Department of Environment and Natural Resources – Pangasinan and Ms. Michelle Lioanag, President of Pangasinan Visitors Bureau participated in the ribbon cutting and Father Emmanuel Escano who initiated the blessing of the new model house Carizza.

The management also announced the new flexible financing schemes which now include in-house financing payable up to ten (10) years. Another irresistible promo that Palmas Verdes Subdivision offers are the five (5) selected lots that is payable to five (5) years, no down payment and zero interest!

Always invest for the safety and security of your family by providing them the best home with high quality materials, safe community and away from pollution. Choose Palmas Verdes Subdivision and start living green!

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