International Arbor Day in Palmas Verdes Community

Arbor Day is an international event in which individuals and groups from all walks of life are encouraged to plant and care for trees. Arbor Day in the Philippines has been institutionalized through Proclamation No. 396, s. 2003, which is to be observed every 25th of June throughout the nation by planting trees and ornamental plants, and other forms of relevant activities. Proclamation No. 396, s. 2003 enjoins the active participation of all government agencies, including government-owned and controlled, private sector, schools, civil society groups and citizenry in tree planting activity.




The Department of Environmental and Natural Resources -PENRO Pangasinan have chosen the community of Palmas Verdes to celebrate the National Arbor Day last June 25, 2016 tapping different government and private sectors as well as the homeowners and lot owners of the Palmas Verdes Community.



There are about 200 seedlings donated by the DENR-PENRO to be planted during the International Arbor Day and that includes the Neem tree, Atis, Balibitan, Guyabano and Mangium. Some of the government and private sectors who have participated on the event include Palmas Verdes Community homeowners and lot owners, What’s Up Dagupan?, Pixelhub Design + Digital Agency, JCI Dagupan Bangus, Happy Jeta, Human Nature Dagupan, PNP, SWAT and Martitime Sual and Dagupan.




The DENR-PENRO Pangasinan Officer Leduina “Wendy” Co, have given more information on how is the proper way of planting seedlings and that she encouraged each one to practice green living as well as to share the advocacy to the whole family and friends, and start planting more trees. “Where there are vacant spaces, we can always establish an urban forest,” explained by Ms. Wendy Co. “One full-grown tree can support the oxygen needs of a family of six,” she added.




The COO of Arcinue Development Corporation, Ms. Pie Arcinue, is also an enthusiast of green living and a pet lover advocate who have also shared some tips on how to fully embrace green living, not only as an individual but most especially inside our home thus, practicing green home strategies. From simple segregation of garbage, to using solar panel system, water catchment system to incorporating big windows for the natural flow of air for ventilation.

The event was also graced by some young entrepreneurs and environmental advocates at the same time who have given tips on using natural products as well as practicing organic nutrition and healthy diet.