Preserving Good and Open Relationship

Another advocacy of Arcinue Development Corporation is to build and maintain good relationship to existing and potential homeowners and lot owners of Palmas Verdes community; Also, continuously empowering its employees to help them with the career and personal growth by sending them into different competitive seminars to gain more learning.



Being part of Palmas Verdes Community will not only give these homeowners and lot owners to enjoy peaceful and safe vicinity but more to that is for them to be benefited with all the privileges and perks that the company is offering.

Arcinue Development Corporation is the one and only developer in Pangasinan that offers one (1) year warranty and preventive maintenance for free for all the homeowners in the community. After the turnover stage, the company don’t say goodbye, instead, the company have been conducting continuous check up with the house as well as the comfort living of the owners making sure that everyone feels at home.

Home Owners Association in the community was established in order to make sure that the people living in Palmas Verdes community are united and are aware of each other’s neighbourhood. Through this organization, it would also be easy to communicate on one’s concern about the community.